Lontong Balap Surabaya

Lontong Balap is a typical meal which is already popular Surabaya. One of the bad news is Lontong Balap Cak Gendut, one of the culinary attractions in the city of Surabaya established since 1956 ago. Originally located in front of the former cinema Garuda, Jl. Kranggan, Lontong Balap so delicious, the combination of lentho, fried tofu, rice cake (lontong) doused with fresh sauce that has the scent of garlic.

Lontong Balap

Moreover, sharp flavors that we can of fried onions and bean sprouts tastes very fresh, of course, also be added from the food tasty paste this one. Do you know the name of this lentho ..? Namely food similar to peanut patties but tolo beans in this lentho mashed and mixed with cassava. The lentho then fried and mix it into Lontong Balap. Sure is a liability when you’re in the city of Surabaya to taste this Lontong Balap Cak Gendut.

You can visit Lontong Balap Cak Gendut address on Jl. Prof. Dr. Moestopo 11, Surabaya, with a very affordable price, which is only IDR 7.000.

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