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Tropical country INDONESIA has lush green vegetation, most beautiful panoramic of mountains, jungle, sea and lake. This most complex single nation on earth has customs, architecture, ethnology, dialect, and geography all its own with strong state motto “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika“ means “Unity in Diversity“. Ancient ruins and historic sites, wild life and nature reserves and friendly people make Indonesia one of Asia’s fast travel discoveries.

Sate Ayam

Sate Ayam

FOOD. Indonesian staple food is rice – steamed, boiled of fried. Some accompanying dishes can be pepper hot, big red pepper or spicy ones, so it is advisable to ask before ordering. Variety of beverages are available everywhere keep to bottled drink if doubtful of water served in restaurants.

MANNERS AND CLOTHING. Indonesia is very polite people. Handshaking is customary both for men and women on introduction and greeting and smiling is a national characteristic. Use left hand to give or receive is taboo, also crooking your finger to call someone is impolite. Dress is normally casual. Light clothing is advised due to the hot humid climate.

BOOKING AND PAYMENT. We offer you easy to arrange your trip to Indonesia. Ensure everything must be clear and confirmed prior your depart home. We accept any term of payment at your most convenience.

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