Rujak Cingur of Genteng

Rujak Cingur is one of the specialties of Surabaya, East Java. Food was classified salad, consisting of vegetables, fruits, tofu, tempeh, cingur and paste sauce. In Surabaya, Rujak Cingur sold from the kampong, food court, restaurants until the hotel.

Rujak Cingur

If you want to enjoy salad cingur are well known by the people of Surabaya with the taste and presentation of such earlier times, please try Rujak Cingur of Genteng located on Jl. Genteng Cak Durasim no. 29 Surabaya or behind the Genteng Market. This Rujak Cingur every day open from pk. 11:00 until 17:00 pm.

Rujak Cingur tile consists of a piece of rice cake, tofu, tempeh, cucumber, jicama, young mango, pineapple, vegetables (kale stew and bean sprouts), and of course cingur (nose and mouth of a cow that has been boiled), the last flushing paste sauce. What distinguishes Rujak Cingur tiles with others is an extra dash of yellow noodles in its composition. Usually connoisseurs salad cingur add white crackers from kanji to complete the dish Rujak Cingur.

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