Su’un Meatballs and Mie Ayam Mojopahit

Meatballs (Bakso) and Chicken Noodle (Mie Ayam) Mojopahit located at Jl. Kedungsari 52 Surabaya. Named Meatballs (Bakso) Mojopahit because initially located at Jl. Mojopahit, open daily from 21:00 till Pk.11,30 and Monday holidays.

Mie Ayam Mojopahit

Being in a house that is older building, the interior and atmosphere also seemed ancient, especially of music played. In addition, The waitress also uses the concept of “java” especially from the language used and the costumes worn.

The menu is served in addition there is also a noodle chicken meatballs and kriuk (fried noodles and enjoyed as a snack). While the drinks are quite diverse ranging from mineral water. Iced tea, iced lemon, ice mix, fruit ice.

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